picture of Nancy Miller

Writer/Producer Nancy Miller

evolution New Media is built on Nancy Miller’s creative talents and decades of experience in video and educational media production.

An award-winning writer/producer and a masterful collaborator, Nancy shapes her team to fit your specific media strategy and production needs. She is particularly adept at working with non-profits and small businesses.

Determine your goals, refine your message and reach your target audience fast…with video produced by Nancy Miller. 

Curiosity has always fueled my desire to learn and collaborate. I am a skilled writer/producer and have worked in television, educational media production and strategic online content development. I have continually adapted my skills to reflect changes in technology, demographics, design standards and marketing strategies.

I am compelled to share stories that reflect, enlighten and offer hope. I can lead, collaborate, strategize, write, shoot, edit and market for impact. 

I believe that relationships are built on trust. Let’s begin building ours. Nancy